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carbon monoxide detector beeping It’s a good idea to start the motion PerfectVisiondetection at a low setting on your smart phone. Alarm app for AlderAll you have to do then is walk in front of the camera and check to see if the device’s LED comes on. Alder Youtube VideoIf not, increase the motion detection setting and try again. Continue like this until the LED flashes. That’s it. Glass break sensorThe camera has detected your motion so you can set save the settings right there. Cove Alarm PanelYou may have to play around with the motion sensitivity a bit until you find your optimal setting. Alarm PanelIt’s better to have your camera point toward a solid background, away from windows. Motion Activated CamerapandoAgain, if you want to detect motion at a first floor window, then place the camera to one side, not opposite it. CoveThis will eliminate two problems at once.

It is used to unlock the system, as well as PerfectVisionprogramming or erasing a regular user code.

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